Your company’s network might be prone to attacks from new viruses, spyware, malware or hackers. It’s too late for protection or recovery when the attacks are being recognized. It becomes a major challenge for companies to maintain comprehensive infrastructure security.

Email & Web-Filtering
Every company communicates internally and externally via emails and internet accesses. However, each corporate network user account passively becomes a point of intrusion for computer viruses, malware and trojan attacks. It is important to protect your company network with strong hardware and software solutions that could eliminate threats and avoid all kinds of cyber-attack. OP-Smooth offers a wide spectrum of products which could bring you the perfect content filtering solution.
Security Gateway
Company networks are protected by firewalls to keep away from various cybersecurity threats. Firewalls could also restrict inbound and outbound data traffic with specific configurations. According to the company’s compliance standards and business requirements, OP-Smooth can establish the appropriate network access policies based on your needs.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Data loss implies severe consequences in many business aspects. All corporates are trying their best to prevent data pilfering, mitigate risks by avoiding staff from walking away with company files, or stop unauthorized access to any confidential data. “Data Loss Prevention (DLP)” solutions are the important assets to your business. It gives you a full picture of where your data are stored when it’s not being accessed, where the data are heading to when it’s being carried around, and most importantly, who is accessing your files.

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